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Teacher appreciation–free printable

I help out for an hour and a half in my daughter’s kindergarten class.

one hour and 30 minutes.

and when that time is done…i douse myself in hand sanitizer and drive home and pop some aspirin and veg on the couch for a good hour trying to get my energy levels back up.

cause man. that crap is draining.

What’ i’m trying to get around to saying is this: YOUR KIDS TEACHERS NEED SOME APPRECIATION.

such hard work!!! my hat is off to them.

I made this printable for them…and it’s all encompassing….

teacher appreciation free printable

 sweet teacher free printable

there are so many sweet pea flavored things out and about

sweet pea

teacher gift

just pick one or all and tie it up!!!

sweet pea teacher appreciation

or put it on a bag of sweets….

teacher appreciation gift

candy for teachers

this is the best candy.
sweet teacher

sweet teacher appreciation sweet teacher free printable a girl and a glue gun

sweet teacher free printable

i‘ve got a pinterest board loaded with cute teacher appreciation ¬†ideas!!!!


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