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Homemade ice cream in a baggie!

This the most fun activity your kids will do this summer…

cause after you get done with the fun of it..

you get to eat it!

homemade ice cream in a baggie



1 cup half and half

2 Tbs sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla

mix together in a small sandwich baggie.

in a large ziplock baggie

Ice and 1/2 cup coarse salt

(they had SPECIFIC ice cream ice..it’s just big and fat!)

put your sealed milk mixture inside  the ice and salt..

ice cream how to.

and shake

for at least 5 minutes.

(you can see that it’s starting to harden up)
ice cream in a baggie

we wrapped in a dish towel to prevent frostbite.

shaking ice cream homemade vanilla

but when we did the second one…we went outside and played catch with it!

you can eat right out of the bag..

homemade ice cream eat right out of the baggie

and even add toppings!!!

homemade ice cream kid craft

we are going to experiment all summer long with different flavors!!!

summer survival week

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