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Doc Mcstuffins doctor kit

It was my daughter’s birthday (when i was at snap blog conference! such a bad momma!) but I did whip together a present that she loved! We adore doc mcstuffins…. She adores stuffed animals. It’s just a perfect match made in heaven.

Doc Mcstuffins diy doctor kit --a girl and a glue gun

first…i started with a nike box…and spray painted it purple…then added an image i found on the internet and printed off…

doc mcstuffins kit


 We had previously gotten a few different doctor kits over the years….

doctor set

(she got a doc mcstuffins kit from walmart for christmas) but you could really make a few of these out of felt  (like here)


(and a bandaid holder out of an altoids tin)

Then i ended up making a few things for her

doctor kit

doc big book of boo boos doc cast

(just a 8 by 11 sheet of felt and the same size batting–hot glued together and then glued into a tube! then we drew on it! doc kit ace bandage doc medicine

i added her name and laminated and added an alligator clip

doc mcstuffins name badge

here’s the printable if you want it…. doc  mcstuffin

doc door sign

and made a cute door sign to hang on her door knob when she is “working” (per her request)

doc sign doc

and i ended up making her a doctor jacket…..

doc mcstuff Then i threw in some plastic gloves, a flashlight and some “tongue depressors” (Popsicle sticks)

(the kit came with fake bandaids…but you could buy the really cheap ones for 88 cents at walmart)

doc mcStuffins doctor kit diy

doc kit 5 and we have all had about 45 check ups since…..
doc mcstuffins jacket

for more great doctor stuff….

check out these cool x-rays

x-ray6 and this fun set


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