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photo scavenger hunt–kinda a kid craft!

My sister got to go to St. kits last weekend for spring break.

sans kids.

(she’s so lucky)

(not that i don’t love my kids.

cause i do.

most of the time.

but still….not to have to worry about finding a restaurant that serves chicken nuggets and making sure that everyone has a shovel cause heaven forbid they have to share and to be able to sit on the beach and actually close your eyes instead of closing your eyes mom style…which means keeping them slightly ajar as you do the scan for kid one…kid two …kid three. then start over..kid one…kid two…kid three.)


anyways..we got to play with her kids for a couple days.

and she sent little gifts for her kids everyday to do to keep the boredom away! (like rolls of toilet paper to make toilet paper dresses,)

And one of the days was a photo scavenger hunt–

The kids LOVED it. It was super funny to go through and see the photos they took!!!!

each of the kids has an ipod…or old phone. or ninetendo ds. Something that takes photos (or you could borrow out your phone!)

and then just work your way down the list.

So I made a printable for you!

Capture photo

(go HERE to print it out!)

you could totally do it through out the day.

or try to do it as fast as possible.

or see how many you can get in one photo

(someone older than you, jumping in the air, holding a yummy a treat)

photo scavenger hung photo scavenger picture scavenger hunt

Picture scavenger (He’s the letter I)

(and can we talk for a minute about Spot it game.

It’s the best game ever. my 5 year old to my 36 year old husband loves it.

me and husband sit here and play it until midnight…just competing against each other. And it was spring break this week and we literally played it 100 times.

buy it.)

back to the scavenger hunt–you can totally customize it for the people you are doing it for.

if it’s summer you could make an outdoor one.

or at the mall–

it would be a great getting to know you game!

 You could do a color one for younger kids.

and i know in my daughter’s kindergarten class they are really pushing rhyming. so you could put cat…and they have to take a picture of something that rhymes with it…

I also made an ABC one that you can print Here

abc photo scavenger hunt

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