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throwback thursday–vinyl kitchenaid guest post

so i like to repost all my old posts on here….cause, well, it’s mine. and this is my blog. and i like to be able to find my crap without going around town gathering up my old guest posts.

but see..i added throwback Thursday up there in the title….so it sounds legit–cause there is alliteration.

and this is another reposter…

and it’s old..cause you see my baby blue wall in it.

(i miss you baby blue wall!)

but the kitchen aid is sitting in my new kitchen looking all pretty still!!!

expressions vinyl has all this fun patterned vinyl. and i literally walk around my house trying to find stuff to stick it on.

and guess what got the makeover today….

kitchen aid before vinyl

my kitchenaid. i love it. so much. time to prettify her up.

FIRST: this is not a project for cutters–so even if you don’t have a vinyl cutter machine you don’t have to feel out of the loop.

SECOND: the kitchenaid is a curved surface and it takes a little time and finesse to get it on smooth.

first. oh wait. i already said first.

what number are we on..

oh. third. cut your vinyl to size…

you are going to have to refer to this tutorial


after you read that it will be a little more smooth going for you.

you will start peeling and sticking….

my kitchenaid has this black rubber screwy thing right on the side….
photo 1 (3)

which was causing the vinyl to ripple…

so i just took an exacto knife…

photo 2 (11)

and cut right around it….be careful. vinyl is thin and cuts really easy…

photo 3 (15)

hmmm. you think i would have cleaned my kitchen aid.

and you would have thought wrong.

then i just continued on peeling and sticking and rubbing the wrinkles out.

photo 4 (15) you can see at the rounded head of the kitchen aid it starts to crease a lot…

so now i’m going to direct you to THIS tutorial (ha! you are all over today!)

DSC02591 .this tut is basically just going to reinforce the fact that if you have a curved surface…and straight vinyl…it isn’t going to happen.

you need to cut small pieces and lay them out. (luckily this polka dot is pretty easy to work with.

if you get a wrinkle…work it out…

you can take your exacto knife and trim excess off. (this is the slow part that i was talking about in number two.)

the fact of the matter is…you will probably have some wrinkles. (don’t we all at some point)

don’t sweat the small ones. if you get too big of ones you can slowly peel it up and try to work it back down. (botox for vinyl)

cause it’s worth it..

check out this awesome baby.

vinyl covered kitchenaid

{red polka dot vinyl is from HERE}

vinyl kitchenaid PicMonkey Collage kitchen

kitchenaid made pretty and guess what’s next on my list of things to be adorned with vinyl…

stewart the sewing machine…..

photo 1 (15)


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