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the underground of blogging….

Me and husband get in constant “debates” (air quotes around debates…cause they are more like fighting matches….cause we like to fight….) about my blogging “job” (air quotes around job cause the argument is that when you get to do a job in your pajamas with yesterdays mascara under your eyes it’s not a job…..more like a hobby..or activity.)



but i say that as soon as you make money…your hobby can be considered a job and therefore I’ve been an entrepreneur since i sold my first loom pot holder in the 3rd grade.

i love blogging. it completes me. (that’s probably why my husband is all jealous about it.) Cause he’s all, “hey babe do you want to watch a movie with me?” and i’m all, “can i bring my computer” and he just gives me this look …you know the one…(if you love it so much why don’ t you marry it? I would..if i could.


it’s illegal to marry a blog.


i looked it up…


anyways…as Mucho as i love my blog…(all aspects. i love crafting. love taking the photos..love the editing…probably love the writing ridiculous long nonsensical posts the most)

As much as i love all that…i DO wanted to share the downside of blogging….

the Behind the scenes stuff that bloggers don’t talk about it.

(the first rule of fight club underground blogging is you don’t talk about fight club underground blogging)


but i’m a rebel.

so let me share in case you think that blogging is “the best job ever”

(before i begin. i don’t want any hate mail. this is meant to be a humorous post. if i really thought these things were horrible..i would quit blogging.)

number 1


my biggest complaint is this, people think i have TONS of spare time. like…kim can bring a casserole and help out at the shindig cause she’s a stay at home mom that blogs.” while A. being a stay at home mom is busy enough.. but B. i spend a BUTT load of time on my blog…(working on it…not just reading it) But since it’s not a 9 to 5 job that i leave the house for–people think i’m available all the time.

I switched my think-a-ning about a year ago….from oh…blogging is so much fun to….oh.blogging might be an awesome source of income for my and my family.

and with that comes work. i wish i could just write up funny little thoughts and call it good…but let’s start with the craft…you have to have all the supplies ( trip to joanns) find time between wiping noses and bums to carry out craft (which can range in time to 20 minutes to days) and don’t forget…you want the best pictures so you need to do it in the day with natural light.

then you have to upload your pictures…edit it…write up posts. add some humor….and post it.


THEN…you have to “pimp your post” (actual blogging term..and ironically the second time i will use pimp in this post) you have to pin it…put it on google plus. twitter. facebook. submit to craftgawker.

then comes the emails you will get about it…and about past projects…answer those.

and repeat. and repeat and repeat.



and that doesn’t include the “blog maintenance” like making sure your ads are rotating..and you add stuff to your tutorial pages…and making sure your blog layout is up to date. and all the correct info is there…..

it’s a process.

And while we have the freedom to shift things around and schedule them in when we want..it’s hard for people to understand that i can’t babysit at the drop of the hat because i have a guest post that is due tomorrow.

number 2

at any function you attend…you feel the need to carry with you a disclaimer.

is it okay that i put these pictures i just took of your craft on my blog: yes or no

is it okay that i put pictures of your kids holding the craft on my blog: yes or no

is it okay that i claim the brilliance and execution of this craft came from my mind: yes or no

is it okay that i take credit and notoriety on pinterest for your clearcut awesomeness: yes or no
number 3

Making dinner at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

(why so early you might ask (you would only ask that if you are not a blogger))

cause the sun sets before you REALLy cook dinner…and food without natural light looks like food that has rotted in your stomach and have been regurgitated…without being chewed.

here’s an example…i tried to cook dinner at like 4:45…as close to dinner time as i could get….pictures are…..well pictures speak for themselves..


ain’t nobody wants to pin that.

many a meals we have eaten cold.

number 4


being without our computer or internet access is like the slow curse of death….we are attached at the hip (picture me with a giant desktop duck taped to my hip.)


i went camping. it was wonderful and relaxing and i had no wifi. came back to 234 new emails….I had 126 things in my bloglovin to catch up on. facebook questions, a couple advertising propositions. It all adds up so fast. you got to stay on top of it!!!

number 5

okay..this is an honest to goodness black side of blogging….

and i’ve blogged about it before.

Mean comments.

i have heard what some bloggers have received as mean comments.

some have been called fat…stupid…..absolutely useless and told to stop blogging.

i just don’t get it.

go HERE to read my previous rant before i open up and start raving like a lunatic..

i mean even more than normal.

number 6


this is how you look…..



95% of the time (and that’s only cause the 5 % is church and they won’t allow you take cameras into church….or maybe they do and i’m just to chicken to do it.

you never really have to worry about makeup….(which is actually a bonus)

number 7


you live and breath by the amount of likes and comments you get…… 854b853d7dc333e14861fe3f786ce852


(seriously. I now am going to let you be inside the inner workings of a bloggers mind……

“my post has been up for 2 hours. no one has commented? am i not as funny as i thought? i thought that craft was brilliant. let me double check and make sure i actually posted it. yup. it’s up. humm…maybe people are just pinning it and not commenting.

let me check. only 3 pins…and one of those is mine. crap. Maybe no one got that movie quote?

well let me put it on facebook and twitter…people probably just don’t know i posted.

an hour later….

only 2 likes.

crap. i’ve lost my mojo. what’s the point of blogging anymore.

weeps quietly into her fabric collection.

end scene.

number 8

Your neighbors all think you are crazy…

Capture behind the scenes



or perfect strangers

outside g


(imagine like 20 cars going by as i’m standing in a field….)



or your wall is full of pushpin holes.



or your whole entire house is a huge mess…except you have to keep that one spot under the window perfectly spotless ready to snap pictures!



i shoved all the furniture out of the way so i could get good pictures of my hopscotch mat

husband was thrilled.

the kids liked eating dinner on the floor.

number 9

sometimes we feel like pimps….


we don’t want to become sellouts–we really don’t.

but isn’t it nice to get paid for doing something you love?

i’ve talked about this before..but me and husband have a deal that if i can make a certain about blogging…i don’t have to get a “real job” and sometimes we have to post about random things…

like vacuums.

(don’t get me wrong. i LOVE that vacuum..and i never post anything that i don’t really love (i don’t even apply as interested for the ones that don’t relate to me at all)

but me vacuuming my stairs doesn’t really have anything to do with hot glue crafts.

Just think of it as a commercial break.

blog quotes 4 number 10

there is this thing called pinterest….

and it’s awesome. it’s full of the funniest ecards

and the best outfits

and the most amazing sewn quilts

and this crafts that are like. BAM. mind blowing.

each photo is perfection…like the word is full of nothing but professional photographers….

and the food…it’s like martha stewart cooked each thing..

then you get mad and close your browser and curl up into a ball cause you feel like this…

facepalm 7

it’s hard to compete with it. number 11

blogging costs us money….

I always said that i would be crafting regardless of a blog or not..

so i won’t calculate the cost of all my crafting goodness of that into this assessment.

but you have your hosting fees,

your domain name fees

(did you know you are supposed to pay for allll the domain names.

like agirlandagluegun.com

and then agirlandagluegun.net

and agirlandagluegun.org

and then just have them redirect them to your actual site. so no one swoops and in and steals one and then puts crap on there and that would be associated with you

fees for photoshop


fees for giveaways.

i use so many pictures i have to upgrade and pay to store them

(don’t count how many i used in this post just cause–i have a thing about photos….)

blog conferences

facebook (facebook is dumb and makes it so about 3 % of followers see my posts and then they want me to pay to get people to see it.

someone to design your header or blog

or heaven forbid you have a crash on your site….pay someone to fix it.

business cards

pay to host linky parties

then you realize you need a new camera.

or new computer.

or a light umbrella thing so you can look like a professional.

or backdrops…

i didn’t really add all the up. cause i’m lazy and hate math.

but i literally laugh out loud when i see this

blog free

cause it’s free for awhile..then it slowly starts adds up. blog quorts

number 12

kinda correlating with number 11.

the need to be an html queen.

(if not you have to pay someone to do it all for you)

i like to craft.

i like to write.

i get it.

i do not get computers.

or tech stuff or codes or tags

gidgets or gadgets or widgets or plugins.

my eyes glaze over when we talk about Algorithm or backups

the only kind of cookies I care about are the ones that make me fat.

I had to google gigabytes versus megabytes

my mind does not even process that. (i’m right brained)

(my least favorite part of blogging.)


source number 13

there is no number 13. it’s unlucky.
number 14

trying to be an original. and create awesome new content!

let me share a funny story.

On Monday night i was having a web chat with a few of my favorite bloggers.

and one of them is the sweet sister holly from my sisters’s suitcase.

and we were teaching her how to use stumble upon.

and she says, I’m going over and trying to stumble something from your page…

and then she sees my personalized thank you cards post.

and she dies laughing.

and the funeral was lovely.

no. she didn’t die. but she did laugh…and then she says…guess what i have posting tomorrow?


thank you cards

totally unintentional. (great minds think alike.)

it happens all the time.

like mandy posted her diy paint polka dot tights the same day i was editing mine…

polka dot tightss

there are times i think i’m a creative genius. and i post something..and someone leaves a comment like, “oh yeah..we made a bunch of those last year for christmas presents.” or ” i just saw that at joanns” –I thought it was a 100% original thought.

and there are times i make something..and then like 2 months down the road i clean out my pinterest boards and find something super similar. totally accidental. I think my mind squirrels ideas away and then they resurface down the road.

Don’t get me wrong. there are times that i LOVE LOVE LOVE the crafts i see and want to try my hand at it…and i do..but i always share where i got the original idea from. (just like i did with family tree quilt (give credit where credit is due!)

So blogging is this fierce competition to be original–and when i say fierce i mean FIERCE! there are new genius bloggers sprouting up all the time!

but maybe there are no original thoughts anymore?

so there you go. if you thought blogging was fabulous and wonderful…well you were right! but it stills comes with baggage.

138bdcf9b6faf7d5e9effc83d8302c6d (1) share your downside of blogging or funny behind the scenes using the hashtag #theglamorouslifeofbloggers

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Kimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank! She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.