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rubber band bracelets without the loom!

So I really was going to buy a loom..honest.

but then I realized that my kids would outgrow these bracelets fast..

(just like they did the paracord bracelets.…)

so being resourceful…we decided to just do it by hand (literally!) how to make rubber band bracelets without the loom

these are super fun and EVERYWHERE! i have seen the rubberbands at the most random of places…

joanns is perhaps my favorite though cause they have SOOOO many colors.

but walmart had scented and glow in the dark!


so just shop around!

i’ve got two ways for you—the packs i bought came with instructions for this way…

basic rubber band bracelet how to without the loom


basic rubber band bracelet how to

1. put both ends onto the hook

2.take whatever color next and run it through the loop…

3.bend the ends of that rubber band together

4. and run a new rubber band through it…and repeat.

when it’s long enough put the last rubberband on the hook to finish it off! IMG_4925 so cute! we made a bunch for christmas and put them on each present!

and you could totally do red white and pink for valentines day! IMG_4930


then there are the fishtails

fishtail bracelet

(my daughter did a presentation at school on how to make one!)

PicMonkey Collage how to

lay out your colors…..this one you do on your fingers…and can’t really stop til you are done…and your fingers will start to hurt so spead is key! rubber band bracelet how to number 1 1. first rubberband you make a figure 8

2.then add 2 more rubber bands (you need 3 rubber bands on your fingers at all times.

3.you take the bottom rubber band and take it up over the top

4. so both is in the middle… rubber band bracelet part two

5. whatever color you just took off your finger…you will add it to the top of your fingers

6. then you take the rubber band off the bottom

7. so its’ in the middle…

8. and put that color of rubber band back on top!

and repeat repeat repeat

when you feel like it’s long enough (and remember that it stretches) you will add a hook (comes in the rubber band packages!)  to the place where you started….


then you will continue taking off the rubber band on your fingers until you only have one color left

and then add both sides to the end of the hook…



rubber band bracelets

you can also go HERE for a great rundown of loom bracelets!

and HERE


and you can whip some out and put them on valentines


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