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snowman toss

I’m helping out in my daughter’s christmas party at school…(5th grade) I think it’s harder the older the kids get….we finally landed on a cute easy snowman toss….only cause I had all thing on hand…

snowman toss

MAde out of three boxes…

just make sure they are different sizes. i cut the flaps off the top  so they are all open in the back…
IMG_4289 IMG_4290

and wrapped with duct tape! IMG_4291 IMG_4292 IMG_4293 cut out three holes…(i made sure they are different sizes..cause i wanted a little challenge!)


and decorate

I was going to hot glue the boxes together…but i wanted to be able to store them inside of each other when it’s not christmas . so i think i will just add a little tape at the party

i sewed together a few “buttons” and a “nose”


(but you could use Styrofoam balls!)

and we are ready to party!

snowman toss 2

the jist:

The bottom box will receive a bag of kisses or rolos or some wrapped candies.

second box will get something that is better than candy.

and the top head will get even something awesomer (aka..i haven’t hit up the dollar store yet to see what they’ve got for me)

each kid will have 4 chances to get it in the hole. If they make it in the bottom hole..they get a candy. a little harder up…better the prize!!!. I threw it ten times and got it in the top hole only once…so its definitely tricky.

or i throw like a girl….

snowman toss with kid

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