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Archives for December 2013

Best tutorials of all time!

so…i’ve done these countdowns every year–it’s super fun to see how they compare from year to year! (you can go HERE to see all previous years)I’ve tried to keep the most popular posts on my sidebar…easy access.  but here you go…the best of the best (and i only rate this on how many times crap […]

my favorite tops of 2013

my son’s memory quilt.…so sentimental! these baby canvases are such a fun gift! this diy bike basket is used often! (well not at the moment seeing how it’s like 10 degrees) i can’t tell you how much i love my magnetic bowls…seriously. i want 30 more. so handy to know…adding length to necklace one of […]

a rundown of 2013

and when i say “rundown” i mean get comfortable and grab something to keep you hydrated. 2013 was a great blogging year! i had a blast and really felt like i learned so much about the “business” side of blogging (even though it hurts my head most of the time!) in 2013 i blogged about […]

games for christmas classroom parties!

one of these days i will prepare for classroom parties more than 48 hours before hand. i don’t foresee that day nearby though. so hopefully you guys are just getting around to planning your classroom parties…cause i got a whole slew of fun ideas!!!! ***************************** Pin the Nose on rudolph made this for my sister […]

iphone covers diy and free christmas printables!

you can do these two ways…use it as wallpaper..or use it as cover. to use as wallpaper you can just open this post up on your blog and click on the picture and save it (if you need more help go HERE) to use as a cover…you have to order a clear case…(got mine on […]

reindeer noses….and poop. cause i’m young at heart. printables!

I saw these cute reindeer noses–and i thought it would be too easy to recreate. (Using whoppers and one red peanut m&m or gum ball) perfect little gift for the bus driver/mailman/ or friends…. and then i wanted to make something for my son to give to his friends …and since whoppers and milk duds […]

Sunday Shoutout–crafts to make for you kids for christmas

  fabric dolls so sweet! my kids would love a personalized doll! no sew teepee     this chick is awesome! glue up a tee pee!  seat belt pillow     so needed! i kinda want one for me! ninjago pillowcase my son would literally flip out for this! hot glue only hop scotch mat […]

snowman toss

I’m helping out in my daughter’s christmas party at school…(5th grade) I think it’s harder the older the kids get….we finally landed on a cute easy snowman toss….only cause I had all thing on hand… MAde out of three boxes… just make sure they are different sizes. i cut the flaps off the top  so […]

12 days of christmas free printable

i love the 12 days of christmas…something about dragging out the present giving…i hate when you have allll that work of shopping for months and wrapping and trying to figure out who wants what…and then have it all be over within 3 minutes of  a wrapping paper ripping frenzy.   (aint that the truth!)   […]

Alternative Christmas tree stand with FrogTape ®

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of FrogTape provided by ShurTech Brands, LLC for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. So I set up my Christmas tree the other day.   and it’s small. I mean reallllly small. Which was fine for my last house..cause it was small too. But in […]

crafts to make for you kids for christmas!

I always try to make sure i have one homemade gift each year…(failed this year…with the move, and my son’s baptism, and we had thanksgiving at my house and excuse excuse excuse.) and I was putting my sunday post with lots of diy goodness for kids….and i thought…geez..i gotta a bunch to share for this […]

Candy cane seeds printables

i made a blue and a pink…just save to computer and print out… trim it down  (sorry….my printer is almost out of ink.) and fold over your plastic bag and staple…. cute and easy gift to give to your teacher or friends! i always make a few extra each year for those just-in-case-r people. this […]

white elephant gifts

let me tell you how this post started…. I saw this fabric. source and it was on clearance (imagine that) and i thought to myself. someone needs to buy this and make something amazing out of  it.   can you imagine cuddling up in your blanket. or curtains. awesome curtains. or maybe a purse so everyone […]

shout out sunday christmas edition!

    bloom designs what an absolute awesome gift!!!!! inside brucrew life     yum yum yum. i’ve had peppermint melting in my scentsy for days!!! screams christmas to me!  the oysters pearl   the printable is so cute!!! learning, creativing, living   fun! i was just thinking my yard needed some candy canes!   […]