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friendship necklace….with puzzle pieces! (kid craft monday)

friendship puzzle piece necklace

these were so fun (and easy to make!) We have done them in shifts…so my daughter’s necklace now has about 6 different puzzle pieces between her friends!

I had an old puzzle (with lots of missing pieces) that i spray painted white. (front and back)

then i found two pieces that fit together and gave one to my daughter and one to her friend.

then they just drew on it with sharpies (the did front and back)

photo 3 (8)

I drilled a hole in the corners of each piece and i grabbed a rivet and hot glued it inside just to make it look all finished and nice puzzle piece IMG_1015

i spray painted it with a clear sealer and added a jump ring and a ball and chain necklace (i bought them HERE) IMG_1016

then you just collect them. these are from three of her friends…. puzzle piece necklace 1

if you have  a group of five friends you can get five pieces that all go together and have each one decorate it.


puzzle piece 7 puzzle piece necklace

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