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how to attach a ginormous piece of vinyl and Icon Wall Stickers review

how to attach a ginormous piece of vinyl 2

I got contacted by icon wall stickers to see if i wanted to do a review! and i said heck yes!

There shop is sooo full of awesomeness it literally took me 3 days to pick one!

I had it narrowed down to something for my son. He’s been so mellow and good about moving to this new house..and i would keep asking him what he wanted to do in his room and he totally didn’t care. even said i could paint it pink!

(i have to pre-approve everything in my daughters room…she has an opinion about EVERYTHING)

So i wanted to a little something special just for him…

here’s what i had it narrowed down too….
PicMonkey Collage boy

and i had my son pick and he chose this awesome dirtbike image….

a girl and a glue gun motorcycle vinyl

(took 3 days to pick a wall stickers….then another day to choose a color!)

look how many to choose from! Capturemnbm

this vinyl came…and it was HUGE! (2 big pieces) and its easy to get intimidated by it’s size–but it’s really easy!

first…tape up where you want it…with all those little details you have to get it right the first time!

photo 1 (2)

once place where you want it…I start at the very top and peel down backing and cut it off…..and then stick it (the is BY far the hardest part!)

photo 2 (4)

then i reach under and take the backing and start pulling it down as i press the vinyl to the wall.

slow and steady wins the race. These vinyl stickers were AWESOME! they came off so smooth and easy–even with my son’s crazy textured walls!!!!

Then i had my son take a credit card and rub the stencils so when i peeled the top off it would stick to the wall….
photo 3 (7)

then i added the second piece (making sure to match up the lines perfectly! you can tape it down the edge to make sure it doesn’t shift!)

after it’s all smoothed out you peel off the top…pulling at an angle gets it off the best!

photo 4 (1)

then you enjoy your awesome impact when you walk into the room!

dirt bike vinyl a girl and a glue gun --bike vinyl giant vinyl

i totally love it…cause it’s not permanent and with this new house i’m having a hard time doing anything permanent to the walls!

so go check out icon wall stickers! they have loads of fun images, lots of colors, all different sizes and great prices! PicMonkey Collage vinyl 4 PicMonkey Collage vinyl

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