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what fun is a camera without a fun camera strap?

so obvs i hate the plain and boring. believe you me…if i could spray paint my camera hot pink…i would. or bright yellow. but since it’s frowned upon..(voided warranty)

i decided to fancy up my camera strap instead!

(i ended up making 3..cause when i’m winging it…i feel like it takes me 3 tries to perfect it. )

camera strap 3 ways

(the hardest part of this whole thing was getting good pictures cause i had to use my OLD camera!)

okay..the boring before…

camera strap before

I made these straps so they literally slide on and over the original strap. so you can interchange as you want and nothing permanent is done to your strap.

first up…

the plain and simple

camera strap plain and simple

for this one i took this cute chevron fabric…i won’t give you exact measurements cause each strap is different. so lay yours out and measure. you will want to add a couple inches on each side so you can finish the ends. i layed it down. added a layer of batting. then laid down a white piece. folded up edges and for extra fun stitched the chevron fabric.

camera strap how to

then i folded it over and sewed (right sides in) and then after you finish that big long seam..you turn right sides out!

I added a bow…cause i’m girlie…but it’s totally unnecessary.


this one has stuffing on both sides…making it pretty thick…and then i realized that it was going to be too short and had to add the turquoise on the ends.

next up:


camera strap gathered 4

i ADORE this fabric. i took a strip and ran a big loose stitch along both sides and the pull the strings to gather

camera strap gathered

then i sandwiched the batting in between a turqoise chevron and a white scrap so just the back of the strap has stuffing.then rights sides together sew the sides and turn right sides out.

also added a little frill.

messed up the inside of this one…but you just slip your camera strap down the hole!


these pictures turned out so blue…which is frustrating..but i already gave away these camera straps so i get no redos! camera strap

and last but not least.. camera strap lacy

this is the one i kept for me…it’s basically lace over a mint fabric.


second verse same as the first.


since this was mine i added little brown tabs to cover my tabs…

camera straps a girl and a glue gun

if you aren’t a seamstress…make sure you check out THIS hot glue camera strap

and don’t you worry! i have a few awesome link ups of MORE camera straps on my sunday shout outs! stay tuned!

photography week a girl and a glue gun

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