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household trivia and young woman’s printables

remember HERE when i talked about a mutual idea and some young woman’s personal progress printables? don’t have a clue what personal progress is? go HERE

ANYWHOs…it’s time for more….

first…a fun mutual idea we did was common household trivia. (you know…those things you have to learn the “hard way” after you leave the nest) (i.e.  DON”T use dawn dish soap in the dishwasher. it is not the same)

so i rounded up my peeps on facebook and asked them for some common sense ones…and you guys delivered! so much awesome ideas! i compiled them all and made a “quiz” for the girls!


they had 10 minutes to answer and then we talked about all the answers (and boy the girls sure put some funny ones down!)

you can access the printable HERE



{and you can go HERE to see all the great stuff my facebookers said}

then we taught the girls basic jewelry  skills (like how to fix a broken necklace with jump rings) and then we had them practice sewing on a button…

it was super fun and i think we all learned a bunch of cool things!


oh! and i printed off these and laminated them and added a magnet to the back to go on their fridge….

034231b9b301548792a31aedeabf96c6 source


now! on to the personal progress printables!

july’s (i’m finally getting smart and making them with and without suggested values…so you can really use them whenever!


smore personal progress smores


august–this one you could do it a couple ways…

chews with gum (you could do it with THESE fun bubble gum necklaces)

bubble gum

or just packs of gum… chews the right chews the right

or choose the WRITE and you could put a fun pen with it–even these fun vinyl covered ones!

photo 3 (22)

choose the write pen personal progress


september….i found these big giant erasers at the dollar store


and i know that school stuff will be out so you could probably find a BIG HUGE one or fun ones

eraser mistake



chip away

you could chip this way…


or chip this way…. chip away at your personal progress


and this one is just extra…. stay cool

stay cool

i found these cool sunglasses at the dollar store…but you could tie this to a cold pop…or a popsicle or anything cool…

and this idea is cute…

crush-640x963 source

follow me on my young woman’s pinterest board for more fun ideas!!!

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