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a “cool” bandana

it’s HOT outside….

so let’s cool down with this awesome neck bandana (you throw in the freezer to get cool and wrap it around your neck when you are sweaty and hot)

bandana neck wrap

and it only takes 1 bandana and some beans…so less than $1.50! Image you wrap it in a tube–and it’s got beans in so you have to make sure it’s folded up good so no beans escape…

then you add a stitch down each side


and one across the end (about 6 inches from end)

DSC00413 then fill with beans or rice…


remember…this is going around your neck–you don’t want it too heavy!

DSC00459 then you stitch up the other end…

neck wrap3

keep it in your freezer to keep it nice and cool and then pull it out whenever you get overheated! perfect for when you have to go do yard work…or sit outside in the HOT weather to take pictures for you blog!
neck wrap


neck tie



bandana week

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