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in and out burger quilt

You may have seen fun t-shirt quilts around pinterest. (like THIS ONE) or any of these

but what do you do if your husband only wears ONE kind of t-shirt… in and out burger quilt

yup. we are in and out burger die hards (i married into it.)

when we were dating i kept wondering why my husband would always be wearing the same shirt…

then i saw his closet and he had about 6 in and out shirts in there!!!

we have to stop and get a shirt anytime we are by one. (i have even ordered online for christmas)

my husband even has the christmas ornament

and each member of our family has one in their size.

and do you know about the “special” ordering –like animal style?

moral: we like in and out burger.

PicMonkey Collage in and out burger

photo 4 DSC07114

so like 6 years ago we decided to save the stained, old in and shirts and make a quilt.

we had a bunch of shirts…one get framed. one got made into pillow…3 were the same.

one was black (and i didn’t want to throw it into the quilt to be an eyesore)

anyways..it took forever to save up enough shirts to make a quilt.

i even had to improvise on the 12th square.


the back is a “manly” plaid (i bought 3 other kinds of fleece that got dismissed by the husband as being too girly…

(i thought the red gingham looked like in and out 50’s style…)


these t-shirt quilts are hard…using knit sucks. it stretches and when you are sewing it to cotton that doesn’t have as much stretch…well..it can be wonky. so mad props if you can sew these and make them look AMAZINg. cause mine don’t


not that i care much. cause i’m no perfectionist. (i’m kind of a  perfectionisssst. said with a jim carrey lisp…what movie?) DSC00147 quilt

i literally just laughed. just so you know– if i was a perfectionist i would have perhaps ironed it.

so it’s a REALLLLy good thing i ‘m not.

and i turned it into a “quillow” quilt pillow… (planket…pillow

 blanket?) (which basically means it can be folded into a pocket)


cause we take this to games…and sometimes you need a blanket to keep you warm. and sometimes you need something to sit on so your bum doesn’t go numb. DSC00151


here’s my favorite part…

sometimes i blog about things..and get them for free…(mad perks of my job)

and so my husband is all…dude. you need to blog about this quilt so in and out will send us free stuff.

so in and out

if you are listening.

karl would like a new t-shirt. xl.

and maybe a voucher for some free shakes.

and if it’s not too much to ask i would love the recipe for your special sauce.

thank you.

in and out quilt2

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