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personalized tote bags….and a kid craft monday….

let’s pretend i couldn’t post this before mother’s day cause i didn’t want to ruin the surprise for my mom.

(which is not true…i was just a slacker and i haven’t even given my mom her package yet…so mom, go away.

see…story 1 makes me sound better)

but i had my kids make these cute personalized tote bags for the grandmas for mother’s day…..

(but keep in mind teacher appreciation–or just for fun!)

personalized tote bags

i was perusing on expressions vinyl site….and found this photo transfer stuff and i was all….heck YES.

(they even have the tote bags at E.V for CHEAP too!)


the package contains 5 sheets–so the price is right. and there is one for light fabric…and one for dark…(haven’t tried it yet…but you know i will post about it when it comes to pass.)

so i bribed my daughter to draw a picture (seriously…i had to buy her an electronic toothbrush)

KEEP IN MIND: you don’t draw on the paper…you draw on a separate paper and then photocopy.

ALSO KEEP in mind: you photocopy on the non-grid side.

and while your mind is open…keep this as well: your image will be reversed!!!! You iron it face down and that means it will be flipped…so don’t write names–we wanted to write we love grandma…so i hopped on my cameo and wrote it out…right click and flipped it horizontally and printed it out. then cut and pasted on the pictures. THAN photocopied it onto the transfer paper.

crap. i just confused myself and i’m the one who did it.


well..good news for you. the paper comes with instructions!

(you don’t have to draw any images..you can design your own in your silhouette studio…print off a favorite photo…or even your blog logo!)

diy totes

it just takes a little iron and you have a great custom tote bag!
grandma tote

done by jordan age 9.

kid drawn tote

done by kameron age 5. (i added the frame with some freezer paper and fabric paint)

and my son got a tote at a school field trip…and we JUST watched iron man 3. (and it was AWWWESOME) so this came to pass…

iron man

kaje age 7 custom drawn tote

and if you are looking for more quick teacher appreciation ideas…I ADORE This from my sister’s suitcase


it can be used for both mother’s and teachers!!!

kid craft button

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