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freezer paper stenciling

is awesome.

seriously. if you haven’t tried it. do it. you will be addicted!!!!! i saw this great scott (back to the future is one of the greatest movies ever) shirt on zulily the other day…

freezer paper stencil

and with my nephews birthday coming up  i knew i had to recreate it. i should mention that his parents are huge movie fans.

and his name is scott. (for the record i would have bought it on zulily if i had time to wait for it to ship..which i didn’t but it was a great price!)


okay the basics of freezer paper stencilling: buy freezer paper. my husband kills animals and we wrap it in freezer paper so i have a gigantic roll…but you can buy it at walmart.

and buy a shirt. (also at walmart)


i went to dafont..and wouldn’t you know…they had a back to the future font!


so i downloaded it and used it on my silhouette studio. i right clicked and ungrouped them (or release compound path) and resized them and angled them. then you put your freezer paper on the mat (shiny side DOWN) and cut out as normal.


you are using the negative space…so peel it off carefully and place it where you want it on your t-shirt. start with a warm iron and iron it on (you might need to up the heat) go around til its all stuck on

then take the middles (like r, a, and the o’s) and place them in the middle and iron them on.

DSC02614 once it’s all ironed on you add a little paint.

photo 1 (15)

images (1)

you are going to want to use fabric paint. but here’s my little trick.

photo 2 (20)

this stuff mixes in with your regular paint and turns it into fabric paint. i have every color of regular paint..so it’ makes so much more sense to buy one bottle of this then to buy fabric paint in the colors i need!

photo 3 (18) then you sloowly get to peel off the freezer paper and reveal your awesome design!

back to the future scott back to the future shirt

okay. i know i said i used my cameo cutter: but that is not a make or break it. you can just as easily cut it by hand! (of course words would be time consuming!) you could find a design you want…cut your freezer paper to size and print directly on it and then cut away the design. TOTALLY DOABLE!

my sister also these  made two shirts using freezer paper for my nephew and my niece-in-law (? she’s actually a foreign exchange student from germany…but we love her so much we want to adopt her!)

PicMonkey Collage candy bar t-shirts it’s their favorite candy bars! so fun!

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