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a secret message…with invisible ..lemon juice? {kid craft} spies only!

a fun craft...invisible ink using house hold supplies invisible ink

my son was super excited to try this invisible ink with lemon juice recipe out ! we love to act like “spies” around these parts.

you take lemon juice and a q-tip for writing…and paper of course. DSC02550

mix lemon juice with a little water


then you write your message


let dry…. DSC02557 DSC02561

it dries clear (the paper is crinkly so you can tell that something is on it… You reveal the secret message by holding it up to the sunlight or a lightbulb! ¬†You can also place in the oven (or use a hot blow dryer) it will turn the letters brown (low low heat in the oven…adult supervision only!)


an easy way to pass messages from one spy to another…..

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