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free candy bar wrapper thank you (and congrats) printables!

You know…sometimes you need to send a little note.

and the way to my heart is through chocolate…

so i combined the two with a free candy bar printable! (thank yous and congrats!) hershey bar thank you

buy a 6 pack of candy bars…

thank you printables supplies

print out and trim down…and wrap around and tape (you could use WASHI tape!)


then pass around…

congrats free candy bar printable

free thank you and congrats printables

let’s me be honest….

yummy candy bar

okay..here’s all the printables…i made them long so they could wrap around…so they look like they have so much space between each one…

Capture thank you

Just write click each image and save to computer…then i print from there. I can adjust sizes…So you could make it big for a Giant bar–or smaller if you are doing a snickers bar that isn’t as wide!

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