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valentines ….printables!

let me tell you something i love…
i love coming up with cheesy valentines.
i do. love them.
give me a treat…and i’ll make up something to go with it…
(don’t believe me…check out THIS post from last year…..)
anyways…this year i was getting valentines ready…and i had a flash back to my son’s halloween party..
their desks were filled with all sorts of candybars, those yummy giant sugar cookies, cupcakes with the icing that is sky high, everything that would induce a sugar coma…(sugar coma aint’ so bad..it’s the sugar high before the coma that is the worst part)
so i thought…let’s go another way….a little salt to all the sweet….

bought some chips…and slap on a sign…

All the free printables are at the bottom of this long post.

you could totally slap these on a chip ahoy cookie too….

I also thought it would be fun to do one for my kids school lunches…


*we LIVE on these pbjs….so good…and i don’t really even like peanut butter.
and i bought these…

for my husband to give to me for valentines day (which may seem strange but last year he bought me $100 roses…which were beautfiullll….and died…and i’m cheap…even with gifts. so i thought i would just save us the money (psst..you can see what i did with the rose petals HERE)

here’s all the printables….

i also did one for my church calling…

and to see all my valentines crap thus far…go HERE

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