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princess felt mat…another one..


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I made a basic princess mat here….but i wanted one that was more…disney princess related….

so I plugged in the glue gun and got at it. I first started by gathering all my princess movies for reference…and started cutting…

first…every princess story seems to have a castle in it…

the flag has the girls initials in puff paint…(I also puff painted the village houses)

there is a stream that turns into a lake(ocean, river whatever) you have to have water cause
A. ariel
B. that’s where tangled watches the lanterns
C. prince philip gets dumped in water by his horse.
so the bridge was a MUST

across the bridge is the village

including a bookstore for belle

another havetohave is a cottage…or where would snow white sleep? or sleeping beauty. (the basket is for sleeping beauty to gather flowers)


we are quite obsessed with tangled…so there are many nods to her…

even a frying pan and a cave to sneak through to her tower

i made a another little cottage…eldest born didn’t get it..but it’s supposed to be the ugly duckling..


and of course..with every good..there is evil..
so there needed to be a place..
a dark evil cottage for them to whip up their spells in…you can leave glue gun hairs on it…better effect.

and ….forest animals….cause heaven forbids the princess tie their own aprons…



there is a lost slipper….


and other cute little odds and ends to fill it up!

i  included some princesses with the mat to get the playing going..







it wasn’t for her…but she played with it up until i wrapped it up…with a pinky square to make her one…

(i hot glued a pocket in the back for the princesses…..)

to see my other felt mats..


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