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girl present ideas–sleepover kit!

so…my side of the family draws names between the 15 grand children…
and we made a rule to do homemade..
cause there funnier.
and we like to ruin our christmas seasons by running around with our heads chopped off…
my family pulled out the big guns.
it was the best christmas ever
(said in a loud booming voice)
so after presents were opened and we all gained 8 lbs.
and the kids went outside to get dragged around on a tube pulled by a four wheeler…
i ran around and took pictures of it all so i could show you….
first up..
my mom’s gift to the three tweens (7-9)

my daughter wanted an easy bake oven.
i said crap to the no.
a. i hate the food
b. to buy more of the food packages are like 5 bucks each
and c. it is unreasonable to expect a child to wait for a lightbulb to cook ? (what movie?)

so this little bites maker is PERFECT. real food..that tastes good.
and it came with all the fun stuff…those sprinkles are my favorite!

we have used it twice. and she keeps asking me to make chili so she can make some corn bread!

so proud she can do it by herself!!!

next up was my sister’s gift to my daughter…
a sleepover in a bag!!!!
all the stuff to make any sleepover a HIT! sleepover kit

we loved the creepy eye mask!

and she’s read the magazine front to back about 4 times….
and a classic mad libs!!
so much fun!!!! the girls got it and disappeared for the night…. fun girls kit present idea
AND…for the littles (5 that are all turning 5 this year)
my mom bought these paper rolls from ikea…
and since my dad is handy..he made them all holders…

complete with fun crayons and pencils and erasers and sharpener…..

and a sticker book and a kindergarten book
she’s been having a blast (she dresses herself)

so cute…these are all great gifts for those hard to shop for kids! tomorrow i’ll show you some more…

cause why would i lump them all into one post?


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