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personalized candle (kid craft monday)

(this is a kid craft monday post. but i’ve been sick. and today is the first day i don’t feel like i’m dying.and  I’m finally getting my act together. so let’s all just pretend it’s monday…)

This little candle would be so cute for your kid’s teachers…grandparents…bus drivers…heck. I want one.

I love candles. mostly cause my husband stinks.

and they are just so easy to personalize! (thanks jan for the how-to)
bought a candle…

took some wax paper and sharpies…and had my four year old draw a picture (she dresses herself. it’s cold here)

then i wrapped it around the candle ( i add a little tape to hold it together….. (oh..i took this picture then i realized you have to cut down the wax paper…

look closely –you can see i’ve cut it down..it needs to be lower than the top…and higher than the bottom…
then you blast it with you hair dryer until the wax paper melts into the wax candle….

it looks like one piece! it’s a pretty cool technique! you could print out a logo or symbol on wax paper and make some personalized candles for your business!

did i mention she’s 4. so the pictures are cute..but think how fun these would be if your older kids got their hands on them…i’m sure we would have a rainbow one…and a superhero one!


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