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lace (almost entitled don’t you know you aren’t supposed to wear white after labor day?)

I’ve been working with wholeport….
they basically send me a package of goodies…
and i make crap out of it.
win win.
this first package i got piles of beautiful lace!
i have been on a lace kick so i was beyond excited!
random side note: my bff in high school was lacey. which really makes me have to think about the spelling….i always want to write it with an e….
i took this white lace…and went and bought a flat sheet from walmart (it’s about $5…and it’s quite a bit of fabric!)

then i just laid it out and cut a rectangle of lace and fabric and

I actually doubled up the sheet (and made the folded over the bottom part of the skirt so i didn’t even hem it! and sewed up the back seam 

and added elastic…(just fit to your waist before sewing it on)

 i left the bottom so the lace overhung the underneath…

dang you picmonkey..you get us all hooked…then BaBAM. charge.
i love it paired with a belt..

and i (of course) had to make matching ones for the girls! i love having coordinating outfits! (we are wearing them to church on sunday..i’ll have to snap  a picture so you can see us all matchy matchy!

I saw this one at target…loved it!

i mean look how different it looks with a different color behind the lace…


and this one is just against my blue wall (love this one!)

I also got these

remember that slip extender…

these would be PERFECT for this! you could sew them right to the bottom of any skirts that need a little length!

and here’s some more great lace inspiration!



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