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cookie cutter ornaments (kid craft monday)

okay. so the youth program in my church does a giving tree during the holiday season. we put up things a family would need this christmas season and then the ward picks what they want and buys for them…then we wrap and deliver.  and a while ago i see these ornaments on pinterest and i knew that i wanted to knock it off–something easy that we could whip out in one mutual activity. cookie cutter ornaments --easy kids crafts!

beforehand: i took some spray adhesive…leftover book pages…and cardboard

and covered the whole board in pages. (i did this prior so we didn’t’ have to smell the fumes!)

then we took cookie cutters  cookie cutter ornaments how to

and used them as stencils…

cut them all out….and distressed the edges with an ink pad….

punch a hole and added some twine

then we filled out info on the back
 and hung them on the tree

cute little ornaments that aren’t’ an eye sore on your tree (you KNOW what i’m talking about)

you can also use them as stencils for cards like the great kara from mine for the making did...
i also buy these cheap wood ones from joanns
and my kids paint, marker, or whatever they want to them


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