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christmas envelopes

This was a guest post last year….and since i still don’t have my act together (shooting for 2014!!! it will be a good year!) i’m reposting these here….cause A. i want to . B. these are super cute and C. i can’t find anything in my draft box so i have to clean it out.

today i’m making super cute, easy, inexpensive envelopes to mail your christmas letters and cards. Christmas envelopes made with wrapping paper

i used wrapping paper…but scrapbook paper works the same!

i just opened up some envelopes to use as a template
and they have cutest ones at the dollar store!!!
then i just laid it out on the wrapping paper…take an exacto knife and trimmed around
then folded in the flaps. i used extra strength elmer’s glue stick to make sure no letters are lost!

i used some stamps to make some tags…

and just glued them on!
(but you can probably find something on pinterest!)
you can do all sizes! i got these great christmas cards and just used the envelopes they gave me as a template to make sure they are the right size! (these are last years cards! I’m so excited to show  this years card!
they are super fun and cute and when you are getting a pile of bills in the mail they will really stand out!
and i’m sure santa would love to get one too! wrapping paper to make a Christmas santa letter
so go sit down and make  a few! santa claus tag

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