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kid craft monday {turkey}

we made these fun little turkeys to spruce up the house….i don’t know about you –but I CAN NOT put up my christmas until thanksgiving is over.
i feel bad for thanksgiving…it gets the shaft.
(but come friday we will singing mariah carey’s all i want for christmas song until my husband’s ears bleed)
anyways…we grabbed lots of paper in fall colors…

cut in half

and tape together to make a big strip…

then you fold like a fan!!!!

we got smaller in sizes ….

then we taped the bottoms together to make a fan shape…

we made a turkey body with a 4 inch strip “tail”

then we glue…smallest to biggest on the “tail”

daughter did big folds– so it’s quite a bulky little turkey …if you do little tiny folds it will tons smaller….

also…you can cut the pieces of paper and glue them together before you fold….. then you only have one layer…see how the yellow is inside the cream (this is the baby turkey)

so cute and festive…add a cute little name tag and they would make great place cards on your thanksgiving table!!!! fun kids crafts...paper fan turkey

here are other fun turkeys my kids have made at school…
for more great thanksgiving stuff…
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