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binky clip

okay…remember when I made suspenders…?
well..i had her throw in an extra one…so i could show you what you are really supposed to do with them…
binky clips are easy..and cute and a NECESSITY! raise your hand if you have been driving your car with one hand in the back digging around your baby’s careseat  to find that stinky binky to stop that screaming child.?
(i was going to say something about how i’m glad my kids are older…
but my kids are still in the back screaming. but no binkys will shut them up….

i had all these scraps left over from my car quilt–and i need to buy a new container for my scraps….or i need to learn to throw away scraps. no. i just need a new container.

stitched them into a long tube…(i did a strip of scraps…and another strip of scraps and put right sides together and sewed the sides and turned it right side out)

you tuck in the ends of each side of the tube

one gets sewed around the clip

and the other side gets a little piece or ribbon to lace through the binky.

stinkin easy–super cute. i make the baby blanket…roll it up..and hook on one of these around them for a great baby gift!

you can go HERE to buy some clips!

and for more eye candy (looks like a lot of these are just ribbon…you could totally do a hot glue only project with them!)



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