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a thanksgiving treasure hunt

you know the worst part about the holidays?


oh no i didn’t. (i’m sorry..this time of year just stresses.me.out. i’m literally about 1/2 done with christmas shopping and i want to pull my hair out..) i’m trying to crank it out and be done before december even starts so i can just get it over with.

hi. let’s start again.
you know the worst part about the holidays…when you are a kid?

the waiting.

waiting to go to grandmas. waiting for the food. waiting for games…waiting for desserts…waiting waiting waiting.

so i thought. let’s make waiting a little more fun…

let’s do a treasure hunt. you print out this picture……

have your kids write the the things they are thankful for

 then they have to go around and try to find them all.

you can swap between kids to make it a little harder…

OR if you don’t have time to fill it out…you can print up this list with things I am thankful for (i forgot soap)

and then as a mom you enjoy about 15 minutes of unwhiny peace.
happy thanksgiving!!!!


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