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so… usually i’m not this prompt..
but i had a halloween mutual dress up party…
that no one dressed up for but me.
(dumb losers.)
but i totally wanted to do flo this year…
cause A.
it’s easy. i have almost all the suff
it doesn’t require a weird uncomfortable outfit that you are DYING to get out of.
and C.
flo is the bomb.com
i wasn’t going to post about this…which is why i only have iphone pictures….but i wanted to give you the badge printables…..
now…the must have for a decent flo is…..
an apron…i literally whipped this one up in less than 20…..(i included the pocket for the lipstick)

 the apron IS NOT COMPLETE without a progressive sign…i used iron on t-shirt vinyl from HERE

 and the makeup…holy makeup..lots of eyeliner…lots of eyebrow….some fake lashes…

 and RED lipstick.

mine was $1 wet and wild…..
 i used this great video tutorial (and she’s hilarious) for the makeup!

and for the hair….let me tell you..i ratted and ratted and gelled and hairsprayed….and it wouldn’t stay into a flo bump. seriously i have never wanted/needed a BUMPIT until now…

and i added a blue ribbon….

and what flo would be complete without her badges……

i created this on picmonkey and then wrapped them in packing tape and then added a pin on the back (with hot glue!!)
here are the printables if are thinking you are cool enough to pull off flo….


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