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boy look how to

i lost.
boo hoo.
i’m sad…
A. i’m super competitive…
(me and the husband may or may not have gotten in a brawl over an uno game)
B. this competition really pushed me to sew outside myself comfort zone
and C. i got crap done.
i’m not sad 
A. i’m so tired.
B. i’m so behind on everything else
(if you came to my house you wouldn’t be allowed in)
and C. my kids are sadly neglected.
so win/lose
thank you all for voting for me —i appreciate you all!!!!
it was honestly a blast–and i can’t wait to see what the girls whip out for next week…
now…onto the losing tutorial…..
okay…when i sat down to sketch my boy look…i knew i wanted a vest….
and i guess some pants.
but for sure a vest.
and a cardigan of sorts….
and i wandered around joanns and kinda came up short.
I had a color scheme in my mind…and nothing really “spoke ” to me.
and yes. fabric speaks. sometimes yells.
but the boy fabric must have stayed up all night playing xbox and was sleeping when i went to find it.
so i made a trip to the thrift store.
cause i thought an old sweater would be perfect for my cardigan….
ladies and gentlemens….
it’s amazing.
i found so many…
i could have done like 89 boy looks.
here’s what i brought home (as well as a shirt for me…another sweater for a boy refashion…and some other crap that i couldn’t pass up.)
all these looks are xxl…and the pants are 42. i wanted big to give myself plenty of room to make mistakes.
these 4 pieces were $18…
which makes me want to go on the rant about how our thrift stores are so freakin expensive when the stuff is DONATED to them for free.
i mean yes…a $6 pair of pants is a steal of deal..
if it wasn’t used..
and possibly dirty.
moving on….i loved the look of these three together…..

but i didn’t know what one do my vest out of…so i shot back to joanns and woke up some boy flannel and star wars fabric and took that home…..

each piece is made the same unprofessional way as i make everything….
an item of clothing from my kids closet as a pattern….
the pants were the hardest part.
he ended up with a mini mc hammer crotch…which caused a wed night of stitch picking…super fun.

the pockets: not that you could really see how to do it…but it’s like the only picture i took…

if you look closely at the below picture of the pants…
grass stains…..already. one day of pictures and the kid gets grass stains.
what a boy.

 the k and stripes on the cardigan is actually flocked t-shirt vinyl from expressions vinyl (flocked means fuzzy)

the white plaid shirt was too plain…needed a little something. 
and when i found my son’s ninja drawing i thought it would be perrrrfect.
just drawn on with fabric maker….

 then i made a wholllle bunch of bow ties…

let’s move onto the vest….
its one of my favorite parts:

i bought 20 inches of the plaid and star wars (which was just enough for my on the small side 6 year old boy)
and  a few inches of black for the binding….

 i cut three pieces…..(and took horrible pictures) so i drew horrible pictures to show you…

then i cut three pieces out of the star wars…and put wrong sides together…
so the patterned sides are both facing out….
and then i sewed stripes across…

(lucky for me..the flannel had a great pattern and i just did every other square…..

then i took some stuffing…and stuffed it…very lightly…a little went a long way….you can puff the sucker out if you wanted too….

then i sewed the top shoulders…and the two sides to the back panel. put the outside fabric on the inside when you sew…so i laid the back piece on top of these two pieces plaid side down….

match up the colors:
i added a collar–which was basically a 5 in strip folded in half and stuffed. i folded the edges under and sewed it along the top of the vest.

then i made some bias tape….and went up the front and arm holes…..

 oh…and i forget to mention the faux pockets. they are just strips of fabric made to look like pockets….(sewed on after it was stuffed)

you could also add an awesome pocket on the inside to hold star wars toys….

and there is the basics on the 5 pieces i made!

if you wanted to see all the pictures of the boy…go HERE


About Kimbo

Kimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank! She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.