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sentimental and hoarding..(same diff)…aka baby quilt..

by now we know the extent of my hoarding…you could read…well…really any posts…and i’m using something that i have hoarded…(but…is it really hoarding when i use it? i mean somethings have been hoarded for years..but if i use them i would call it “saving” stuff instead of hoarding.)

and so when my sweet little babies outgrew some of most favorite outfits…i kept them. along with all their little blankets.

for two reasons:
a. i’m a sentimental fool and couldn’t bear to part with it.
2. nobody wants hand me downs with poop stains and spit up and general wear and tear that is a baby.

so i stored them in tupperware…and i would pull them out and smell them and try to imagine my obnoxious kids when they were sweet and little and innocent.
and i thought. what i am supposed to do with a box brimming with baby crap.
eventually one day they could hand me down to their kids…but in reality..somethings aren’t going to be as cute in 20 years as they are no (it’s called STYLE and it changes….or else i would still be wearing hypercolored t-shirts and stretchy shorts with lace at the bottom..and i would still have permed bangs. (yup.it’s true..just the bangs.)

(20 mins later……)

I cut up all my baby crap and made a quilt.

phew. i could have just said that.

it’s so sweet and sentimental and it’s one of my most favoritest things i have done TO DATE.

i started with just blankets and they were all cut 12×12. but then i decided to add some outfits and it slowly become a hodgepodge of sizes…which was hard..and i’m a sucko quilter…so it was time consuming…
but well worth it…
just took an outfit..

and cut out the cute parts…
and squared them off…

then i had to do a little puzzle action to make it all fit…

i wanted to add some hair crap (yeah..you know why) so i ended up cutting off the ruffles and turning them into flowers…

(this is my grandmother’s stitch on a birp cloth…i used this too)

see the rosette?
(see the hospital shirt? i never knew if i was supposed to take those..but i did!)
and i added a bunch of trims and buttons (mostly buttons i cut off the outfits)
then i took it up to my mommy’s and had her help me bind it…

I added a border or scraps all around…..and the back is that super soft minky that is the bomb.com

and there you have it…a  bedspread that is full of memories.

this is more for my posterity than you…..

#1 is s a bubble romper
#3 birp cloth from a lady in my ward
#4 piece of blanket
#5 a lamb blanket from my husband’s aunt lisa
#6 birp cloth
#8 my favorite strawberry pjs.
#9 a blanket MY grandma made for my girls
#10, #13 #17 #19 #22 #29recieving blankets
#11 is the material of the bassinet my babies used
#12 and #34 carter pjs
#18 strawberry outfit (second picture on this post)
#20 blanket from one karl’s aunts
#21 soft purple from papa sues
#23 bubble romper

#24 birp clothes from aunt deb
#25…lamb dress and #16 blanket (from papa sues)

#26 is birp cloth made by my grandma
#27 is the outfit is stole from the hospital
#28 is a pillow from the crib
#30 is her crib bumper
#31 is her crib sheet
#32 and 33 are pillows
#34 is blanket
#35 is a blanket my aunt susan made my first born
#36 is the leftover sheet from her bed skirt
#37 my sister in law bought these outfits for her kid and mine (they are exactly two weeks apart)

#7 blanket

#2 preemie outfit

#14 baby blanket from hospital…

#15 dress….

and of course there were certain little outfits that i just had to save..
this little preemie outfit is sooo tiny…and in this picture it drowns her….
(but it shows blanket #13 and birp clothes #24

now here’s a thousand shots of it cause i like overkill….

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Kimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank! She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.