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princess peg dolls!

you KNEW they were coming…
cause i’m a girl
and princesses rock.
and my neice had a birthday.
so all that considering..i sat down and painted out some princess peg dolls….

just like the superhero peg dolls –i got the pegs from HERE

they are a little smaller…cause princesses are dainty.

then i googled some princesses….
and just started by color…i had the yellow out and snow white got some bottoms…belle got her dress…tangled, auora and cinderella got some hair…they i moved onto another color…
(I used apple barrel paint and elmer’s paint pens to make the magic happen)

 (these little gals went aTON faster than the boys..)

for cinderella and belle’s hair (the updos) I added some beads….

just put in a skewer and drilled a hole in the head…
(i did the drill all by myself. i was proud)
ariel got some glitter…

 and snow white’s bow…

 and aurora had a crown (with glitter)

 then they all got a shiny coat of krylon

she’s my favorite..

 when drilling belle’s head i rubbed her face on something  and she has a brown nose blob. …what’ s a girl to do?

 i, of course, added a little bag to carry them in…

just drew on it with painter’s pens…but you could make some of these princess bags to carry them in…
and if you missed my boy ones..go HERE


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