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marble maze


 i know i know…it looks like…

but it’s not! It a super fun {quiet for the kids} activity. that keeps your kids quiet. and yes i put quiet in twice..cause it’s THAT important.

I went up to my mom’s house and my sister was whipping out a bunch of these for a quiet bag. so i just piggybacked and took pictures and “supervisored” while she did all the manual labor…

and let me tell you…a girl can get used to that! i might “hire” her and just watch her craft while i eat fruit pizza….

(i forgot the darn kiwis! so mad!)

she just cut two 12 1/2 square by 12 1/2 square

 then she took some chalk and mark and x (that is where the marble will start)

 then she sewed the x on both front and back…(not together…two x’s…

 she then pinned it so it wouldn’t slip around and chalked out a maze…..(you have to make it about 1 1/4 inch wide…if you get it too small the marble won’t fit through)

 she had a washcloth that she would use to “erase” any mistakes…

when she figured out where the end was she separated the two fabrics and sewed the x on both ….

then she put right sides together and sewed all around the edge (leaving a little opening to turn it right sides out)

 then you just follow the chalk marks all around…(she sewed around the edge also to make it pretty)

 then you can just wash away the chalk marks (you could use a fabric marker or whatever you have on hand!)

now…my sister puts the marble in the before she starts the maze and she just moves it out of her way as she goes…or you can just leave that opening (that you used to turn it right side out) and at the end slip the marble in and sew it shut…

and  then you play!!!!

if you have lighter fabric…and use darker stitching it’s not too hard…darker fabric with dark thread makes it pretty hard….my sister actually made one with one fabric that is light on one side and a darker fabric on the other side so her little son could play on one side and her older boys could do the harder side!

 super fun! it’s perfect for car rides or church when you need a silent entertainer!

and i found this one…it’s a super fun kids to do activity


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