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the princess party in full force

so the princess party is over (phew)

BUTit was super fun…and i totally was too busy to take any pictures! (isn’t that usually how it goes?) but I did manage to snap some before the party started…

i cleared out my shelf and turned it into a dress up station

(just in case any girls didn’t come dressed up or wanted to change)

and had a shelf for crowns and jewelry (most importantly ring pops)

and two rows of shoes to try on..

then we had a nail painting station….

and a makeup station…

(if you look in the mirror you can see the mess in my kitchen)

I had a diy your own crown/tiara station….

so once everyone was dressed, tiaras on head, makeup uped. and fingers dried….

we had a tea party…

with pink lemonaid…star rice krispie treats (that were supposed to be wands but the treats never stiffened up enough),strawberries,  we had gummy frogs we all had to kiss before we ate them to make sure no prince charmings were hiding. pink lemonaid cupcakes and pink sherbert. (i wanted to have caramel apples for snow white poisened apple but i did the math of 8 girls + sticky caramel and decided it did not equal a good time.)

afterwards, i made all princesses stand in front of my painted backdrop (that i painted for my OTHER daughters 3rd party)

and took some pictures….

does that blue tulle dress look familiar?

then we unwrapped presents
played the bubble wrap game
and handed out the party favors!

sometimes i feel like i should give my guests a disclaimer to sign as they come in the door so i don’t feel guilty posting pictures of their kids…but since this is all family i don’t feel guilty….

and here are some other past party posts (say that five times…)

(then give yourself 100 glue gun points if you did)

this cake stand made from terra cotta pots hold lots of cute treats…

and this diy cake stand made from elmer’s core board…

and my most favoritest cake ever….

any of these lanterns would be so great at a party

layered ice cream cake…

you can go HERE to see my daughters mickey mouse party last year…

and lady bug invitations from my daughter’s 2nd party..


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