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will you be mine?

not really. i’m spoken for.

unless you are….
channing tatum
ryan reynolds
paul walker
ryan gosling
or brad pitt.

then yes. yes i will be.

but you know..sometimes i find valentines lacking. they just don’t share the true sentiments that i feel for some people…..so i created my own….(and i’m trying to use picnik AS MUCH aS possible)
and i just changed my ink in my printer and my red still doesn’t work..i’m a little sore at it….

i just copied each picture and then added it a word document and resized as i needed…..

#1 airplane…..(these would be so great for little boys…we have a whole book on how to fold paper airplanes so we could make a ton of different ones…)

(family fun also has a printable plane if you want to go HERE)

and THIS website shows you how to fold airplanes….

#2….i treasure you…

#3 you are HOT!

#4…bug off….(i think they have gummy insects too)

#5..your face makes me laugh..

#6. you suck.

this one is my favorite. my son has to give one to everyone in his class and he keeps saying “i don’t want to give him one..he’s mean” and i keep saying “you have to give EVERYONE a valentine”
and for the record i would never let him give these valentines..it’s actually for my in-laws who love tootsie pop suckers (and have a sense of humor)
here’s a nice one in case you aren’t “rude” like me…
#7…. you smell fishy…
#8…you are a bear…this one is for my daughter….(who loves cinnamon bears…
and acts like a bear sometimes)
#9: the big hunk (the one my husband wishes he would get…
10–and this is the one my husband is ACTUALLY getting….
it’s dripping with love…

picnik also has valentines tags…..

and if you need even more personalized awesome valentines ideas……

check out these from cheri….

she’s so awesome. i’m just waiting for hallmark to come snatch her up.




source (go read all her song references! makes me laugh!)


okay…this place is the best for fun ideas…go here
 and see so many fun ideas for your teacher, your grandma, your friends!
and mommy by day crafter by night has tons of cute free printables

char had so many fun ones…

you can also check out my valentines pinterest board for loads of other sticky sweet stuff

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