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scarf with pockets!!!!

this was a guest post over at me sew crazy…she was having a re-sew-lution….and since it snowed today and i’m freezing i thought it was the perfect time to get it out of my draft box!

my re -SEW- lution…is to ACTUALLY use the fabric i have.

i keep buying and buying
and then i never want to use it cause it’s just so cute!
but pretty soon i’m going to have to go on hoarders for all the fabric that i have.
(i just organized it!)
so this year (and this year only) i’m going to try to use what i have!
i got this 3/4 of a yard in the remnants bin for 50% off the discounted price
(ie cheap)
and i got it cause it was a steal of a deal..

but it’s fleece.
and it was too small for a fleece blanket.
so it sat in my stash for about 3 years!
TODAY it’s get’s a new life as a pocket scarf.
i dusted it off…and cut out some strips.
I actually got two scarfs.. a small for 2-5 year old
and a large that my 8 year old daughter could wear and up….
they are about 9 inches wide
the little scarf it just the length of the fabric..
but the large is two strips sewed together.
and you can do the pockets two ways….
You can fold up the ends and sew the sides…

(if you choose this method you need to make sure you scarf is long enough to put your hands in the pockets comfortable. you don’t want your arms doing chicken wings just to put them in your pocket.

method 2:

you can cut a completely separate piece and sew it on.

I choose this one so i could get the skull and crossbones centered where i wanted it.
you just sew up the three sides and leave the top open..
and since it’s fleece
that means no fraying..
which means no need to finish the edges..
which implies i’m lazy.
and i’m okay with that.

and that’s all. super easy. super functional…and great for those kids that can’t keep their gloves from getting lost if their life depended on it.

do you want to know why i cut my son’s head out of these pictures?

(he’s an awkward smiler)
you can also make these handwarmers

throw in the pocket of the scarf to keep you extra toastie.

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