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oh alice

so..i didn’t exactly have a tutorial for this dress..
wait..let me show you the pictures i took
um…i believe this is the collar…
this next one is a picture of the pleats i made around the bottom of the skirt..i wanted to keep it simple cause alice is simple…but i wanted to jazz it up a little bit…

and this one is the collar for the apron…
a little sewing 101. if you have a curved edge…you have to add notches to make the material lie flat when you turn it inside out….
and that was all i took. it was kinda learning as i was going….and i probably could post a  tutorial and then get told how many things i did wrong by people who ACUTALLY know how to sew.

but I got it done…and loved it…and got a great 40 degree day ….
so i dragged my kids to some trees and had a photo shoot…she did so great!

and when i’m doing these sytyc things i just take an over abundance of pictures…
edit them all…
and pick like 3.
so you are about to get slammed with pictures.

and a big thank you for everyone who voted for me on sytyc! you guys are the best!
also in unrelated but still related news…
bugaboo is having a party
and i’m partying with her! go HERE

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