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the science box:

I ended up with my 10 year old nephew for christmas this year.
and i was pretty stuck on what to get him.
and then i came across science bob
and i thought, what boy doesn’t like exploding crap. (my 32 year old boy still likes exploding crap)
so i compiled a whole box of experiments to do with all the stuff he needs to make them work….
(and p.s. couldn’t have done this without pinterest!!! i have a folder called crap i’m working on…and everytime i find anything i’m interested in i pin it! i love finding it all in one place.)
I started with a composition book…
(made the labels at picnik.com) (you getting sick of me talking about them?)

then i made a page with the experiment…the list of items. the instructions…and then the how it works science part!

then i gathered all the supplies up that were needed……

and labeled everything with a number…

and i also got a little sandwich baggie for each separate experiment and included the little stuff….

blow up a balloon has the yeast and balloon and the water bottle is the box labeled with the number 6.

i also included some safety goggles and some gloves..for safety sake
(okay..nothing is that dangerous..but you got to dress the part)

i threw it all in a box

and put the tablet right on top…(and i threw in snickers just cause)

most of the stuff is pretty fun and would make a great rainy day project! we are going to lava lamps this week..and the slime sometime when i get brave!!!

if you want to print off the 17 experiments you can go HERE (each page has the link with proper credit)

i also later went in and added notes like what happened when you use double the yeast, or try all different kind of balloons, which one worked the best? i wanted him to experiment beyond just the regular instructions.

i went in and added pictures because some of things need pictures to better explain…

hover craft:

 rock candy:

walking water:

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