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garbages and krylon

so. i’m trying to clean out my inbox. i have about 90 drafts and it’s a bit overwhelming. i start post i already have started and i forget to post things and they sit there for weeks. (poor lonely posts) so i’m weeding out some guest posts i have done! this one was for  diy club!

so, i occasionally do some work at a kids dentist office here in town. 

and i was sprucing up the bathrooms…just a little touch up of paint.

and thought that the garbages need a little sprucing up as well…

so i took loads of krylon spray paint

and got to it… (oh…look at that green grass. come back green grass!)

for the lids i used my cricut and some contact paper and made a stencil….

and used painter’s tape for the rest….

lots…and lots of painter’s tape….(i would put on one..spray paint…add another layer..spray with a different color…and repeated!)
they are so fun!
this is the boy bathroom
and the girls (didn’t realize i didn’t get a wide shot of it!…but it’s the toothfairy’s dressing room)

(this is before i touched it up! it’s now a shade darker!)

i think i always have a scowl on my face.

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