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buttons buttons buttons.

christmas crafts with buttons roundup i  restrained from putting BUTT as the title with ON in the post. i’m maturing i think.

it’s craft day here at the west house.
no. let’s rephrase.
everyday is a craft day.

today is a kids craft day!

we always make christmas crafts….last year it was the easy beaded candy canes….

and this year i thought…BUTTONS. I have been yearning for an excuse to buy joann’s new bag of buttons..  (if you look in the bowl i have already poured in  the christmas colored package….

i picked out all the green and red

and threw them all in the middle with some paper and wire and glue…

they acutally played around with the buttons for 20 minutes before they even started gluing!

they had a blast and did a great job!!!!!

(see the jordan along the bottom?)

this one is KAJE….

the babes

this one weighs about 5 pounds with all the glue thats on it!

this one was mine:

and my husband just put elmer’s glue in his hand and let it dry and then peeled it off.

here’s a bunch of other super fun and cute button ideas……. christmas crafts with buttons roundup



source embalagem 4


 i was orginally thinking of haivng my kids make something like this to hang on the tree…but i’m glad i just let them do what they wanted! (doesn’t happen very often…i hope they don’t get used to it!)

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