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advent take two –story one…

I decided last year that i was going to compile a list of my favorite Christmas advent stories… and read one every night to my kids during the month of December….and I  didn’t do it last year.

and I  barely remembered this year when I found my mom’s book….

and I  was going to put it off for another year…but carpe diem right? let’s seize the carpe and get on with it!

This is the idea. You print them all out and put in a binder. Then every night or morning or day before Christmas you read one to get in you in the spirit for Christmas!  A touching christmas story...one for everyday in December free printable advent

so I made myself a christmas binder to hold all the Christmas advent stories: (followed the same basic tutorial HERE)

I just found this stash of Christmas fabric that i was going to make table runners for my family last year. kimbo minus two…


I’m also going to print a title page for each with a picture to color:

(my mom’s book actually had a Scripture and a song to sing at the bottom….)
So you could add one and make it a whole cute bedtime routine!
Okay…so this is the jist…each day I will link up to a story. have a title page and a picture to color.
so join in if you want! great way to remember the CHRISTmas this season.
(and holy, I cried all morning long as i went through stories. boob.)
I  don’t know about you..but I get so distracted by all the shopping and fudge…(oh the fudge) and trying to make sure I didn’t forget anyone and trying to figure out what my dad wants…(seriously dad…hardestpersontoshopforEVER) and I just think reading Christmas Advent Stories is a great way to keep yourself in the true spirit of the season!
(at the end of december i will have it all on one big document to make it easier on you..but as of right now…it’s day by day. what can i say– i fly by the seat of pants. it’s all the carpe.)
edited to add: I’ve got them all uploaded to my google drive
you can go HERE to print them off the Christmas Advent Stories
 and here are a few extra stories
When you go to print them off-if the spacing is off you can click file and make a copy. You should be able to edit it there! Good Luck!

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