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oops.. i did it again. (lego felt mat)

now i have you singing britney don’t i?
I made another felt mat…..lego style..

I made it HUGE…..the felt is 2 yards wide at joanns….so I got 2 yards to  make it an even square. I folded it up and took some string and a sharpie and made a perfect circle

(It cost me $6 for all the green (it’s 30% off!) so really cheap and easy!)

I hate legos. like i have none in my house cause they are so small and hurt so bad when you step on them. (this is for my nephew)
so I decided to make this mat with a twist….you can gather up the the strings to make it into a bag.

so you can throw all your legos into the mat..play with them….and then gather it up and keep them all there until next time.

 I took a LONG rope and hot glued the edge all around the circle leaving the rope inside (but make sure it doesn’t get hot glued so it can be pulled to gather)

then I took a strip of red felt
and hot glued it on top to give it a nice finished edge.

 when I got about halfway done..i hot glue the rope….so you can’t pull it out accidently. you have to pull the sides evenly.

now…after I had it all done and gathered….i realized my mat was so stinking big…it wasn’t going to gather into a nice small bag….

it will still hold your legos inside…..but it still has an opening at the top..
reminds me of santa’s bag…..but green.

I googled lego man…and got some pictures to mimic my guy after…

same with the lego logo.
whoa. say that five times fast.

my plan was to buy one of these lego boards and velcro it to the middle..

but of course idaho stinks in the toy department and couldn’t find any
(they are called base plates if you are looking to buy!)

so i just hot glued the guy in the middle

and made some felt lego’s to build some crap on.
(for the record..my son is on the small side)

and if you have a few minutes…google lego…it’s AMAZING!

this lego felt mat brings my felt mats up to number 6 (with another one in the works)
all the info on these mats can be found HERE

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