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shout out sunday- summer fun edition

(Now let me tell you a story about how shout outs sunday started….(settle in)

I was getting lots of “awards” (which I blushed each time) and you are supposed to pass it on to like 10 bloggers each.

and most people just write the list and leave it at that.

and let’s be completely honest….no one really clicks over. (unless there was a funny name in there like tampons and chocolate (yes..it’s a real blog) .

and you know my  motto–a post is not a post without a picture.

and ON TOP of that. I was right clicking and saving pictures left and right. (I love blogland–so many crazy creative people (and just plain crazy too)

what? did you totally think I was talking about myself? RUDE. I’m not crazy.

just not entirely sane.

i’m tired. I painted all day (fumes)

oh. anywho–I was saving these pictures and i finally wised up and put it all together.

and gave birth to shout out sundays (now minus the awards–weird. I don’t really get awards anymore..ha. just decided i’m making up a new award…watch for that. (did I mention fumes)) (can you put a parenthesis in parenthesis…cause I just did.)

I love that I have all these great links on my blog. I love that I can think…I featured that one idea of how to make a lemon wreath  and now I have the direct link right here. I would do it even if you HATED it. HATED.

AND the one I love the most is my summer fun shout outs. I have been sitting here with three kids who are complaining ‘I’m bored” (ugh..hate those words) and I just click on my summer shout outs and have all these links to great crafts..of all skill levels and I just skim through and find something perfect. it’s just so darn convenient! so I thought we should do a new round of Fun Kid’s CRAFTS and CRAP to get us through 2011…alive.

come together kids

like hot rocks with a twist!
family fun
a boomerang
the fun without the mess. my kind of fun.
brassy apple has a condensed list of awesome tut…(go HERE)
which include…..
(totally random fact..my husband can walk on stilts (he did dry wall) every halloween I try to make him a giant pair of pants and have him wear his stilts. he won’t do it.)

freeze some crap.
give them some “weapons” that are cheap plastic (so it takes FOREVER)
have them dig out their treasures.

such great fun ideas!!! (and free..who doesn’t have water, a spoon, and some cups?)
some bubble wrap fun
awesome paper airplanes
it’s a free printable…and the ideas are fantastic…

make your own shrinky dinks

no really.

this WILL be done this summer.
maybe by my kids.
for sure by me.

wayword girls craft

colored rice….so fun. so bright.
how fun is this homemade twister!

a great way to display all those things you want to get done this summer!

love this idea for in the car…cause a trip to walmart is a “road trip” to my kids.

A love to create

she used a straw to blow the paint…then she made a picture! how super fun!


noodles…balloons….kids. sounds like a perfect combo.
the idea room has a condensed version of ALL of her great ideas
fun dominos!
who’s watching the baby?
my kids get a cup everytime they need a drink …..drivemenutso.
love this idea. put your cup on your intial. no cup on the intial- no  drink of water. take that kids.


she’s having a link up party for all things picnic…sounds like super fun to me! I’m sure you can find LOADS of fun ideas!

homemade bath paints! crafty is right!

skip to my lou has an awesome craft camp round up…

like these awesome can phones

(my in laws moved in next door (man, i’m chatty today) and I think these would work perfect from my deck to hers)
and these sun prints
and this puffy paint

irresistible ideas

snap painting..i think my kids would flip for this…..and i would totally put this on my wall.
jackson pollack..knock off.
and I want to make this pine cone bird feeder:
you know without the pretty birdhouse….or bird..or tree.

LOVELY PAPER BLOG (which should be changed to greatest paper blog ever!….seriously go check it out!!!!)

 I ALSO started a new pinterest board…kids craft crap
now..you don’t have to be a member to go over and check out pinterest…

and my sister introduced me to

and it’s legit. (you have to rent shoes…but your kids really bowl for free)
and now I will end with a song from M.C. hammer…
too legit…too legit to quit.
oh. wait. I will end with a father’s day shoutout…..
love you daddeio.

About Kimbo

Kimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank! She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.