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the mickey invites and cupcake toppers and games and….oh wait that’s all (today)

nothing special…black paper…some polka dots…faux buttons.

 I just traced a bowl for the big circle and then traced a cup for the two ears.

and then mass produced….

Just some circles with sharpie dots..YOU COULD use actual buttons…but when you are making a dirty dozen then you don’t to deplete your white button stash.
I got this disney font from dafont
WARNING: this place is addicting…I don’t even want to tell you all the fonts I have on my computer. font OVERLOAD!
THe cupcake Toppers:
just bought a package of stickers..cut them up
and glued some toothpicks to the back…
the kids can then just peel off the sticker and the rest gets thrown away!

see the sprinkles…I woke up to half the bottle on my stairs.
darn child of mine. she’s lucky it’s her birthday! (she was getting birthday spankings anyways.)
the games:
disclaimer…we did nothing fantastic for games. we had 20 kids from ages 13-9 months. so I just planned some things so the kids didn’t go stir crazy.
I might have borrowed some paint chips from home depot. I will return them if they want…
but I wrote on them…so probably not.
a simple match game

then I had my kiddos color some color book pages for our cake walk

 and then the classic of musical chairs…(with disney music…only appropriate)

you can do HERE to print these characters out…the would make some super cute toppers:
or you could mount them on magnets and make an inexpensive party gift!

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