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magnetic sheet

Here’s what we are making…. painted cookie sheet chalkboard paint and fun scenes--great for car rides.

A giant sheet painted so your kids can get out of your hair and play with it for hours… Perfect for Road trips!

You just need a cookie sheet and paint (and chalkboard paint if you want to go that route!


Don’t judge…I’m going to let you see a part of me that is seen by no man….

I know right.
IN MY DEFENSE….this cookie sheet is the one I put  in the dishwasher…and I never never let it leave the house.
shot of gray spray paint
started with some sky, grass, and clouds…(you can look at your magnets and make a scene that is fitting for you–)
and kept going until I was satisfied…. painted cookie sheet
and in use…. easy travel game DSC05094
I also painted the back with chalkboard paint…so You can practice writing and drawing etc…
but you could do a road…or buildings or blue for an ocean…something boyish…just depends on the magnets you got to work with!
I had a lot more magnets than  I thought! chalkboard cookie sheet
you could make your own funny faces just like I did here (travel sized version)
and I thought it would be fun to make some paper dolls of my kids…
Bought some Magnetic sheets and added a laminated picture (the laminating isn’t necessary…just a little obsessed at the moment)
and cut around DSC05453
and add some commentary.
I decided to make some words so my daughter can practice her sentences. (you can google site words for each grade!) DSC05447
just printed them out…and attached to the magnet sheets..
and cut apart. DSC05451 DSC05452
if you had any altoid or mint tins you can store them in there..but if you have been following for awhile…you know I have used all my mint tins.
but I did have a little plastic case. DSC05461
there is also these cute ones made from a metal dvd case..perfect travel size!!
and look how cute these abc ones are from sew dang cute
(love this blog)
AND  this great one by fairly fabulous

a mod podged version! so cute!

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