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who names a kid Indiana?

We recently had an Indiana Jones movie marathon (called Indie 500—-500 minutes of Indiana Jones) My son is such a fan. and you’ll never guess what he wanted for his birthday? a whip. Yeah right. why not just buy him a loaded gun. He actually started using a rubber snake as his “whip” and I’ll tell you what…it hurt!

so I am making him a non- whip whip. Hopefully this fabric one is going to keep the welts away.


 The Handle:

I had this faux leather in my stash…don’t know why or how it came to be here….but glad I didn’t need to make a trip to JoAnns. (okay, I went anyway!)
I hot glued it into a long skinny cylinder… Sorry…forgot to take a picture…but I just rolled it and hot glued the edges..and see that circle? I hot glued it to the bottom…then I took any scraps and stuffed them down in side.
Then I had this stretchy brown fabric…the name escapes me….(KINDA like nylon but it wasn’t…It will come to me..) but I cut it in three strips (not all the way…it’s not cut about 2 inches from the edge.  They I put that piece in my mouth (yeah…I know…but it’s not like I selling this on etsy or anything!) and braided it.
penguin socks…
the braid.
at the end I tied a knot. So this is about 6 inches cut..and approx 44 inches long….
Then I hot glued the piece I put into my mouth into my handle
took some leather cord…(59 cents a yard)
and hot glued it around my handle….
and that’s it.
now to find an awesome indie hat
tried to get an action shot:
which didn’t really work…but he enjoyed himself!
and this last picture is to remind us that Harrison ford was HOT back in the day.
whos doing the theme song in their head? cause I AM!

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