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Microwaveable Caramel sauce!

We had a craft day with the sisters and  My sister brought all the stuff to make caramel apples (and turtles and dipped pretzels, and your fingers.) And here is the best part—it’s made in the MICROWAVE! Doesn’t get easier than that! the best tasting caramel--made in the mircowave!


RECIPE:In a large glass bowl, combine 1 can sweetened condensed milk, 1 1/2 cup sugar, 1 cup light corn syrup, and 1/2 cup real butter.

Stir together and place in microwave on high for 3 min. Take out and stir well.

Put back in and cook another 3 min. Stir well. Repeat two more times…Then put back in and cook for  2 min.

Take out and stir well, then spoon about a tsp in cold water. If it forms into a soft ball, it’s ready. (for dipping apples, cook 2 more minutes) Add 1 tsp vanilla and stir.

caramel apple recipe

for dipping apples, make sure apples are very cold. Let caramel sit for a few minutes, then roll apple in caramel and place on parchment paper.


We ate so much caramel…because it was delicious! she got those clear bags and placed her apple inside and tied off the top…so cute! it would be adorable to give to someone for Christmas!

then when we were stuffed my sister pulled out some Christmas paper and showed us these cute little twist containers…

4×6 paper

( I actually did all different sizes….)
fold into a tube…(the directions were for glue dots or glue sticks..but you know me… Hot glue ALL the way!)
seal the end..
take a paper crimper and roll it over the bottom. (I love my paper crimper..so fun to use…if you don’t have one..the is not a make it or break it thing! but if you are into paper stuff..get one..you will find a 100 uses for it….!)
fill your little tube up…KISSES! (or anything chocolate (okay…anything really..but chocolate is the best…)
okay…this is the tricky part.  See the end there…you are going to glue it the opposite direction from the end….so it’s twisted…
does that make ANY sense? Sorry…it’s one of those things that you either get or you don’t
this one only holds two little kisses…
I punched a hole in one and tied it to some lotion
yes, bad picture…do you see the weather outside..I wasn’t going to go outside and freeze my cahonnas off to take a good picture….besides..I just wanted to show you how clever I am…see the name of the lotion…SWEET CANDY KISS..and what’s inside the twisty box? that’s right kisses. I amaze myself at my awesomeness. It’s for my daughter’s teacher…I hope she gets it…I put a lot a time and effort into (okay…purely accidental…whatev…still awesome)
and what’s up with this guy?
when he fell out of the box…I was a bit disturbed…
don’t worry. I still ate it.
(I once ate a cadbury egg I found under my stove…
I also should mention that it was NO WHERE near easter…more like october.
It was still delicious.)

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