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holy felt mat batman….

So, I have been posting a lot of boy presents lately

(I’m so proud by the way…boys are hard for me)

I have been doing the crafty christmas..but my son’s birthday is today…so there are a few more boy stuff than normal (with more to come to..i’m trying to alternate it with my other posts so we don’t get boyoverwhelmed) anyways, my son is a lover of batman….


I decided that my little son and his every growing collection of batman paraphernalia needed a batman themed mat to play on….enter:

Now, I know aLOT more about batman than star wars…we have the batman lego game (it’s sooo addicting) and we have seen all the batman the bold and the brave….and we are fans of  the old batmans..

and the new ones:

YUM…who saw this eye candy in the old movie newsies? he sings and dances. it’s amazing…..

I made it the same basic way as the other ones (click HERE for instructions) But I added my buildings first..then made the road…(since it’s all about the bad guys hideouts)

I had to google a few images.. like bruce wayne’s mansion

okay….it doesn’t look like it really….it turned out looking like a brown temple..so I snipped of the spears…

and I stole the Joker house from this:

Penguins lair

Poison Ivy….the spinning thing to the side is Harley Quinn’s house (she’s joker’s mistress)


THe riddler….?
Gotham City (which my son refers to as Goblin city) and a bank…with a big old dollar sign…advertising for all the criminals to come and get some money!


the graveyard…the gentlemen ghost lives here..


bruce wayne’s mansion and the batman cave very close by…


a secret entrance….
clay face….

any guesses on this one? don’t worry, my husband didn’t get it either. It’s two faces house.
I think I liked tommy jones better…
mr. freeze.


the mad hatter and cat womens hideout.
my son got this enormous imagintext batman cave last year for his birthday…so I just position the door right by the cave and he can drive in and do his batmanly duties.


a helicopter pad

He also got the gotham jail with bane

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