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spider shirt

I got this Idea from the martha stewart show… (pre-jail martha) I am or was a huge fan of martha….I loved her old show and watched it religiously…now…not so much. sorry martha. but I still love you. YOU are a good thing!

anyways…I took a shirt that actually used to be my sisters (everyone in my family KNOWS not to throw stuff away…they just pass it down to me!)
and I plugged in my glue gun…and while I waited for it to heat up…
I took a package of spider rings… (you know…the dollar ones!)
and I snipped off the ring part.
which left me with a bunch of spiders…
and when my glue gun was all heated up..
i stuck those little spiders right onto my shirt.
now a word: if you are making one…..make sure you don’t put any where your arm is…cause you will get rubbed raw from these little spiders…just thought I would pass it on.

(if it’s long sleeve…nothing to worry about!)

just something simple, and fast –I just fold mine up and put it in the Halloween box to be worn the next year.
a few past pictures:
this was our first Halloween as a family….that little baby is 7 now!
the baby as two years old….and that is my pretty little husband. Oh, he even shaved his legs.
the baby as 4.
and I didn’t wear it last year because we had a family theme of superheros….
and I was wonder wife!
took a recent photo…i was holding onto the door knob so my daughter wouldn’t open the door…not the best picture but this was my next option:
I also thought they would be cute on a cardigan

I didn’t actually glue anything on….I just bought this cardigan for my sisters fake birthday…and i didn’t think she would love spiders all over it! (I Guess I should mention why we have a fake birthday for her…her real birthday is on dec 24…so we celebrate is on Oct 24 cause with the hustle and bustle of christmas…her real birthday tends to get overlooked….not cause we don’t love her…cause we do! She tells everyone her birthday is oct 24.  I also would like to say that she is turning 21 and is old.

Now, I just wash mine on a gentle cycle and air dry…and it comes out nice and clean with spiders still intact!

I even made one for my daughter…..more on that TOMORROW…
oh the suspense…don’t die from it or anything!

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